Beyond the Status Quo

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Many of us are used to hearing people say “be different” or “stand out of the crowd”, but what does it really mean to challenge the status quo? To do something different from everybody else? To exceed expectations that was thought impossible?

At TEDxSunwayUniversity, we are delighted to have you in this journey with us to encourage the spread of good ideas and to be inspired by individuals who do not want to be just another face in the crowd. We invite you to challenge everything you know and not settle for anything else other than extraordinary. In going beyond what is conventional, go the extra mile with the hunger, drive and passion to be challenged and never be held back by your limitations. What does “beyond the status quo” mean to you?


Kamarul A. Muhamed

An experienced drone pilot, Kamarul had flown projects in various challenging locations around the world. He’s one of the pioneers the founder of Aerodyne Geospatial working alongside international organisations such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Sime Darby.

Dr Jansen Alexander

A professional Civil Engineer widely experienced in major power plant development particular hydroelectric and thermal projects. Dr. Jansen’s work embodies Beyond Status Quo in developing sustainable energy sources and has carried out various inspections and prepared reports on all major hydroelectric dam safety and associated structures.

Zafran Aqil

Zafran Aqil is one of the best yo-yo player in Malaysia and he has competed in many local and international competitions. The Malaysian National Yo-yo Contest 2014 champion is a skilled player of the craft.

Alex Au-Yong

Alex believes in the idea of promoting quality education and has been working to raise money for charity through marathons (100KM Xtramile Run in 2011). He believes that sports can be used to create awareness on social problems in the community and inspire people to do their part in helping disadvantaged communities to grow.

Desmond Ng

A magician and mentalist, his deepest desire is to leave his audiences in awe and astonishment every single time! Growing up as a kid, he has always been fascinated about magic. At the age of 19, he took a bold step to go full fledge in magic and although this decision wasn’t well supported by many, he still continued his journey into the art of magic all by himself.

Dr. Derek Ong

Dr. Derek is a passionate lecturer lecturing on the principles of marketing at Sunway University. Driven by his keen interest in marketing, Dr Derek hopes to inspire students to continue to push the conventional knowledge of marketing and expand upon what is most common thing and create out-of-the-box marketing.